How to Let Go: The 3-Day Course


The Sedona Method®
How to Let Go: The 3-Day Course Online
August 12-14, 2022

What you will receive in these three days 

  • Six powerful ways of letting go and self-inquiry to discover your unlimited nature

  • The direct sense of life beyond anxiety and stress 

  • Less self-judgment and more self-compassion

  • 2.5 days with David LIVE guiding you and the group to master these techniques  - to uncover inner peace and freedom

  • Ways to set goals and remove unseen obstacles

  • The path to more loving relationships

A personal note from David

On this spiritual journey of realizing our deepest self, the world can seem to hinder this awakening. However, true freedom lies in how you process your emotions and thoughts that are triggered. This impacts relationships, success, and ultimately your ability to live grounded in deepest being. This course is designed purely for this purpose. I have shared these tools worldwide, from The United Nations to single mothers and CEOs. I hope you'll benefit from these techniques and uncover the fulfilling spiritual answer to the quest for peace - and for knowing who you truly are. 

With love, 

Results of The Sedona Method®

After Cancer

"I learned that emotions did not have
to run my life. This changed my
life forever.” 
~ Pavani Talbot

Less Suffering

"With these methods ... you just "miraculously" feel less suffering
as the awareness of Truth
gently unfolds. 
~ Ivette Fuentes


Lifting the Burden

"Learning how to cope with everyday issues is a burden. With the application of these 6 tools, in a matter of minutes, I can release myself from that burden." 
~ Rodrigo Pulido

Freedom After Divorce

"I gained my life back after my divorce. Thank you for giving me tools to move on with my life."
~ Barbara Washburn

Free of the Past

"...Years of stories and hangups gone in seconds." 
~ Helen Wingate

Personal Freedom

"I came away from this with a more expansive sense of personal freedom and the loosening of self-limiting beliefs and judgements. Pretty awesome!”   
~ Linda Glick

Questions Need Answered?

One and Done


One payment. Then three days of learning six ways to uncover the freedom of who you truly are. 

I look forward to being with you!


Three Payments


No extra fees

Upon purchase, the first payment is charged. The second and third charged monthly thereafter. 

See you soon!


The Guarantee

Our goal is to earnestly offer you support to deepen your discovery of peace and inner freedom. If, after you've participated in and completed this 3-Day course, you feel that you have not found value, we will respectfully refund your money in full based on what you had paid thus far. NOTE: Once the course begins, the refund can be requested only after the course is complete and before 14 days.